We strive to serve create the ultimate Hawaii experience for Seattlites and across the globe when it comes to Hawaiian poke, culture and customer service, while being good stewards in the communities we live and work.

Poke is the perfect dish for fine dining, it is distinctly Hawaiian, but lends itself to experimentation and imaginative flavor combinations. The key is to take the dish to new heights while retaining its unique island nature. Balance is vital, with each ingredient complementing the others.

We use only the best regional ingredients: line-caught ahi straight from the water, crunchy limu (seaweed), freshly-made tofu, and vegetables grown and harvested by local farmers. With these simple ingredients, Da Hawaiian Poke Co. turns a humble bowl of poke into a visually stimulating and delicious dining experience.

Explore the next big thing in Hawaiian Regional Cuisine — an exciting revival of a centuries-old dish as vibrant as the islands themselves.